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Tyre Collection

Let Us Do the Work For You

We collect waste tyres from a wide range of customers including garages, tyre retail outlets, scrap yards and vehicle dismantlers. 

Since 2006 it has been illegal in the UK to dispose of waste tyres in landfills and fly tipping can result in hefty fines and even prosecution.  By providing a service that is required by law and helps our customers to comply with UK regulations to safely dispose of your waste tyres, we aim to take all of the stress of this process away for you.

We collect tyres Monday-Friday covering areas including Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Essex and South London.

If you wish to book in a collection, you can simply complete our online contact form.

Aerial view of old tires. Many car and t

Site Clearance

Keeping Your Land Clear

Fly tipping is illegal and carries hefty fines and even prosecution, however, it is still a prevalent problem in the UK.

If you are a landlord/land owner who has been affected by fly tipping on your land, we can help to clear the site for you. 

Please note that we only clear tyres and do not dipose of any other type of waste.

We can attend site to provide a cost effective quote to remove and dispose of all fly tipped tyres and can make multiple trips if needed.

Contact us to arrange a site visit.

A bunch of old tires from used cars. Env

Tyre Bales

Recycling End Of Life Tyres

All end of life tyre are baled to PAS 108 standard which can be used in the construction industry, as flood defences, provide fuel for cement kilns or by breaking down the component parts of a tyre - rubber, steel and textile -  they can be transformed into flooring underlay, rubber chippings for soft play areas and road surfaces.

Tyre bales are also exported overseas for reuse in other industries by using a method know as Pyrolysis.

Container Ship

Shipping Consignments

Helping The Environment

All end of life tyres which are no longer fit for purpose are baled to PAS 108 standard and exported by our trading partners. 

In recent years many uses have been discovered for end of life tyres which ensures they are no longer on the road but are not disposed of in landfills or discarded in rural areas and fields.  

Tyre bales can be used to great effect in the construction industry and landfill engineering.

End of life tyre bales are also exported overseas for further use by a method called Pyrolysis which is not yet available in the UK.

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